Bio: Born and raised outside of Atlanta, GA, it was in high school Danielle knew she wanted to become a professional artist. After two years at a GA college, she moved to Sarasota, FL to pursue a BFA of Painting from Ringling College of Art & Design. While at RCAD, Danielle participated in the New York Studio Residency Program, completed an internship at UrbanGlass, and attended two courses at Pilchuck Glass School thanks to scholarships and support from the college. She has been extremely fortunate to return to Pilchuck multiple times for both professional and artistic development. After graduation Danielle moved to St. Petersburg, FL to pursue glass and work with the Duncan McClellan Gallery & DMG School Project team. Summer 2017 brought Danielle back to Atlanta, where she took on the role of Studio Manager and main class instructor at Atlanta Hot Glass for almost two years. Currently Danielle is getting ready to attend Pilchuck again for Session 5 and Fall 1 this summer!